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What is Top Utility

Top Utility analyses the Italian public utility industry, evaluating the companies that operate in public utility services (electricity, gas, water, waste management), to underline the fundamental role in developing the entire national economic system, its competitiveness and the community’s welfare.

Its purpose is to facilitate performance growth of companies operating in public local services, preserving the environment and boosting local development, creating and spreading knowledge.

Top Utility work contributes to find, valorize and promote Italian excellences in public utility services, highlighting its great impact on society, economy and environment. The think tank also cooperates with other players in leading discussions and spreading economic, environmental and social culture in favor of public utilities.

Top Utility principles in finding excellences in the utility industry are sustainability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, business ethics and quality of services. Following these criteria, Top Utility created:

  • a parameters-based system made up of qualitative and quantitative indicators. This system leads to a multi-level evaluation that considers the whole public utility complexity, including stakeholders’ expectations;
  • an opportunity to raise awareness among citizenship, policy makers and media the value of utilities, their role and work;
  • a method that gathers a think tank made up of industry experts, putting in place knowledge, know-how and skills to bring out the best in class companies of the industry, whose efficiency and responsibility are particularly relevant.

The Think Tank

TOP UTILITY is a think tank that aims to promote the growth of the performance of companies active in the sector of local public services (public utilities), the environment and territorial development, carrying out research and disseminating information and knowledge.

The aims are to recognize, enhance and promote the excellence present in Italy in the sector of “public utility” services (gas, water, electricity, public lighting, waste collection and treatment and other services to citizens), highlighting their strong impact on the community, on the economic system and on the environment.

The think tank carries out, also in collaboration with other subjects, study and research activities, cultural events and demonstrations and any other action to promote and disseminate economic, environmental and social culture for public utilities.

TOP UTILITY sviluppa la cooperazione tra soggetti istituzionali, operatori industriali, istituzioni accademiche e associazioni operanti nei settori e nelle aree sopra indicate.

TOP UTILITY develops cooperation between institutional subjects, industrial operators, academic institutions and associations operating in the sectors and areas indicated above.
The scientific direction is entrusted to prof. Alessandro Marangoni, business economist, with more than twenty years of experience in the utilities, energy and environment sector, and employs a qualified team of analysts and industry experts headed by Althesys.

TOP UTILITY activities enjoy the support of a solid Scientific Committee made up of high-level personalities from the institutional and economic world.

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Analysis and prizes system are multi-level based and there are seven different prizes.

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