Knowledge that creates value

Monitoring market trends, analyzing business strategies, leading waste and recycling management policies.

Waste management is an essential component not only of environmental strategies, but also of economic and industrial policies of advanced Countries.

Nowadays, the Italian waste management sector is changing and it shows both criticalities and excellences. The regulatory framework is complex, evolving towards new European Directives, and the infrastructures system of waste management is sometimes inadequate.

In this framework, the question is how to shape the Italian waste management policies in order to match the best European cases, what are the next perspectives and the business strategies of the companies operating in the environmental and recycling industry in Italy.

WAS – Waste Strategy analyses the production-consumption chain of the waste management and recycling industry, with a comprehensive approach that combines a corporate and industrial approach with a system overview.

The purpose is to offer a global view and to advise corporate strategies and system policies in order to integrate different aspects: environmental, social, economic, industrial, normative and technological. Indeed, overcoming a partial and piecemeal approach is pivotal for the sector development and for the definition of better policies.

The analysis areas are:

  • Industrial profiles, sector structure and trends
  • Strategic framework and companies’ competitive dynamics
  • Corporate management and strategies
  • Economic and financial profiles
  • Policies and externalities that have an impact on the industry and on the community