Our values

Independence creates value

Our professionals’ scientific accuracy and independent judgment are key features of our work and results guarantee for customers.

Althesys’ work strictly follows some fundamental professional principles.

The ethic decalogue is our guideline in all the activities and decisions to assist customers.

  1. Independent judgment and super partes position
  2. Scientific and rigorous approach, making explicit the criteria adopted
  3. Pragmatism, based on strong industry knowledge.
  4. Innovation-oriented approach, based on each field’s best practices.
  5. Commitment to the best quality work, guaranteeing a set of excellent competences and skills to customers.
  6. Working closely with customers with continuous mutual feedback and communication.
  7. Strict confidentiality about the work and customers’ sensitive information.
  8. Highest attention to potential conflicts of interests, with pre-emptive declaration or rejection of conflicting assignments
  9. Prohibition of investments in customers’ equity.
  10. Rejection of taking managerial roles in customer companies, like operative or administrative positions.