Althesys assists companies, associations and institutions in analyzing, evaluating and designing policies in strategic sectors for the country, providing scenarios and alternative proposals.

Knowledge developed by think tanks, proprietary methodologies and specific tools ensure a qualified support for decisions based on scientific and independent evaluations.

Althesys’ professionals boast a great experience in market design studies, impacts’ evaluation of economic measures or fiscal provisions, regulative proposals.


  • Energy policies in Italy
  • Market design and regulation
  • European utilities strategies and italian policies
  • Power market in Italy
  • Choices for renewable energies development
  • Smart energy and digital innovation
  • Renewables grants in Italy
  • Energy saving measures
  • White certificates system
  • Hydroelectric relaunch
  • Future energy scenarios
  • Microgeneration
  • Prosumer, self consumption and regulation
  • Carbon tax and impacts on manufacturing
  • Energy policies effects
  • Utilities governance
  • Opinions on photovoltaic subsidies
  • Italian electric value chain and technological innovation
  • Hydroelectric concessions and license fees
  • Renewable energies cost-benefit analysis
  • Power market assessment

Waste Management and recycling

  • Waste management policies in Italy
  • Waste To Energy industry
  • Environmental legislative reforms
  • A national strategy for waste
  • Financing systems and tariffs
  • Compliance schemes in Italy and Europe
  • Recycling cost-benefit analysis
  • Circular economy and innovation
  • Waste management and recycling strategies
  • Separate collection systems

  • Plastic recycling value in Europe
  • Plastic Total Cost Assessment
  • Waste management governance in Europe
  • Innovation scenarios and strategies in WEEE sector
  • Commodities and secondary raw materials markets
  • Economic and occupational effects of recycling policies
  • Extended Producer Responsibility policies 
  • Batteries’ value chain

Water industry

  • Normative framework and legislative evolution
  • Italian water industry governance
  • Technological innovation impact
  • The water industry in Italy and business strategies
  • Water saving policies
  • Water services structure and operation in developed countries
  • Water management policies in agriculture
  • Water industry market and regulation
  • Cost-benefit analysis of water management
  • Water-energy nexus


  • Food and beverage industry strategies
  • Measures for the development of beer industry
  • Horeca value chain development
  • International policies for biofuels
  • Towards a sustainable mobility policy
  • Cost-benefit analysis of biofuels production
  • Electric mobility policies
  • Cost-benefit analysis of electric vehicles
  • Entrepreneurship in agriculture