Aqueduct networks and infrastructures, sewer networks, treatment plants, tariffs systems, water management processes, treatment and waste management technologies.


  • Normative framework and legislative evolution
  • Italian water industry governance
  • Technological innovation impact
  • The water industry in Italy and business strategies
  • Water saving policies
  • Water services structure and operation in developed countries
  • Water management policies in agriculture
  • Water industry market and regulation
  • Cost-benefit analysis of water management
  • Water-energy nexus

Markets and strategies

  • Integrated water cycle in Italy
  • Utilities merger strategies in Italy and Europe
  • Italian utilities performances
  • International surveys on water services companies
  • Water utilities markets and strategies
  • Business models in water industry
  • Advisory for megers of some water companies
  • Innovative technology analysis and evaluation
  • Merger project of italian water utilities
  • Sludge management
  • Italian water industry benchmarking


  • Water network and technological solutions
  • Cost-benefit analysis of networks and plants
  • Investments evaluation
  • Economics of water management infrastructures
  • Sewage network and water treatment plants
  • Local networks condition in distribution
  • Systems and plants of water treatment
  • Financial analysis of biomethane plants

Sustainability and value

  • The benefits of innovating water networks
  • Sustainability performances of Italian water utilities
  • The effects of regulation of water services
  • Spillover of best practices in water management
  • Benefits of water saving in agriculture
  • ESG criteria and policies in water industry
  • The water-energy connection