Chemistry, plastic materials, paper, food & beverage, HoReCa, telecommunications, consumer goods.


  • Food and beverage industry strategies
  • Measures for the development of beer industry
  • Horeca chain development
  • International policies for biofuels
  • Towards a sustainable mobility policy
  • Cost-benefit analysis of biofuels production
  • Electric mobility policies
  • Cost-benefit analysis of electric vehicles
  • Entrepreneurship in agriculture

Markets and strategies

  • Italian and international paper market
  • Plastics industry
  • Analysis of business models for electric vehicles 
  • Agricultural commodities
  • Local public transport
  • Rail transportation of waste
  • Biofuel and sustainable mobility
  • Investments in telecommunications industry
  • Logistics systems of waste and raw materials
  • Costs and performance evaluation of urban transports
  • Food service industry
  • Food & beverage industry


  • Highway network
  • High-speed railways
  • Projects cost-benefit analysis
  • High-speed railways in Italy
  • Airport cargo logistics systems
  • Telecommunications infrastructures

Sustainability and value

  • Estimation of shared value created in Italy by the food industry
  • Shared value analysis in beer industry
  • Shared value of bottled water sector
  • Sustainability in packaging industry
  • European non-alcoholic beverages industry creates shared value
  • Shared value creation in beer industry in Lombardy
  • Shared value assessment of the bottled water industry in some key countries worldwide
  • Shared value of beer industry in Sardinia
  • Poultry sector creates value for Italy
  • Integrated sustainability strategies
  • Environmental policies in chemistry industry
  • Sustainability in plastic materials industry