About us

Althesys is an independent professional firm, specialized in economic research and strategic advisory in key industries: environment, energy, infrastructures and utilities.

We assist companies and institutions in developing knowledge and in defining original and pragmatic strategies through rigorous analysis and planification methodologies.

Environment, energy, utilities and infrastructures are some of the key industries in which Althesys operates through surveys, reports and its strategic advisory, with the aim of strengthen sustainability and create shared value.

The projects, experiences and surveys made during more than 25 years of academic and professional activity of our consultants in cooperation with companies and institutions create a high-quality structure.

Unique competences in strategic sectors lead to a sound but flexible firm, adaptive to customers’ needs, in order to give a specialized assistance in economic research and strategic and financial advisory.

Althesys gathers qualified and multidisciplinary competences of academics, consultants and managers, experts of strategic advisory, financial analysis and research.

Althesys carries on all the projects with a specific approach, based on innovative and tailor-made solutions, international perspective, industry focus, sound methodologies, neutrality, pragmatism and result-orientation.