Sustainability and value

Environmental and social sustainability, governance, creation and spread of shared value are becoming every day more integrated into corporate strategies and all the stakeholders in every sector pay nowadays a great attention on them.

Althesys developed original tools and proprietary methodologies to support companies, associations and institutions in analyzing, evaluating and designing strategies focused on sustainability and creation of shared value based on scientific and independent evaluations.

Althesys’ professionals have been pioneers in this field and have been working in defining integrated sustainability strategies, designing evaluation tools for environmental performances, making cost-benefit analysis, estimations of creation of shared value, sustainability report, in waste management and in circular economy.


  • Environmental accounting systems 
  • Environmental benchmarking of major international power industries
  • Italian local utilities performances
  • Sustainability reports
  • Hydropower sector creates value for Italy
  • Analysis of shared value of recovering dismissed power plants
  • Economic, social and environmental fallout of renewable energies in Italy
  • Analysis of a spillover of a large hydroelectric plant in a European country
  • Socio-economic benefits of the renewal of Italian wind farms
  • Biomethane contribution to value creation in South Italy
  • Environmental and eco-management strategies
  • The value of revamping and repowering photovoltaic in Italy
  • Environmental performances evaluation systems

Waste management and recycling

  • Evaluation of collection and recycling benefits
  • Environmental policies impacts on waste management industry
  • Separated collection and recycling systems performances and costs
  • Plastics recycling value. Spillover on industry, environment, communities
  • Design, costs and performances of separated collection systems
  • Surveys on raw materials and recycling industry
  • Estimation of the value created by packaging recycling industry
  • Benefits of paper separate collection and recycling
  • Sustainability and recycling strategies

Water industry

  • The benefits of innovating water networks
  • Sustainability performances of Italian water utilities
  • The effects of regulation of water services
  • Spillover of best practices in water management
  • Benefits of water saving in agriculture
  • ESG criteria and policies in water industry
  • The water-energy connection


  • Estimation of shared value created in Italy by the food industry
  • Shared value analysis in beer industry
  • Shared value of bottled water sector
  • Sustainability in packaging industry
  • European non-alcoholic beverages industry creates shared value
  • Shared value creation in beer industry in Lombardy
  • Shared value assessment of the bottled water industry in some key countries worldwide
  • Shared value of beer industry in Sardinia
  • Poultry sector creates value for Italy
  • Integrated sustainability strategies
  • Environmental policies in chemistry industry
  • Sustainability in plastic materials industry