Conoscenze e competenze trasversali applicate allo sviluppo di progetti in Italia e all'estero

Althesys owns a large set of skills and competences, developing innovative projects and studies in several different areas and segments both in Italy and abroad.

Its professionals developed a sound expertise mainly in environment, energy, utilities and infrastructures industries. In these segments Althesys has unique experience and know-how in Italy.

Competences and projects concern various areas and levels:

  • Policy: measures design and evaluation, market design studies, assessment of the impacts of policies and fiscal measures, definition of proposals and legislative provisions.
  • Markets and strategies: analysis, evaluation and scenarios on markets’ structure, survey on manufacturing and services industries, business strategies analysis and design, financial evaluation of companies, activities and projects.
  • Infrastructures: research, socio-economic impacts evaluations of works, projects and investments, cost-benefit analysis of strategic plants and infrastructures, financial estimations of projects.
  • Sustainability and value: design of integrated sustainability strategies, analysis of shared value creation, environmental performances evaluation systems, cost-benefit analysis, sustainability reports, estimations of projects and policies impacts, analysis of socio-economic effects of industries and corporate activities.