Professional services

Althesys assists major companies, institutions and associations in analyzing, designing and putting in place their strategies to create value, assessing market’s challenges and stakeholders’ requests.

Thanks to the competences acquired by its professionals during more than 25 years in several manufacturing and services industries, Althesys  offers innovative solutions and projects, gathering corporate pragmatic approach with methodology’s soundness of its academic background.

The firm does rigorous analysis on market’s trends and dynamics, giving an independent and impartial evaluation, based on data and objective evidences.

The solid knowledge, especially related to environment, energy, public utilities and infrastructures, mixes up with operative expertise to guarantee flexibility, competences and excellent results to customers.

Althesys is a reliable partner

Althesys is a reliable partner thanks to its:

  • Pragmatic assistance to companies, finding tailor made solutions, designing scenarios and making effective and sound proposals to match the needs of the each client.
  • Large expertise in strategic advisory: business analysis, competitive positioning, business plans, performance improvement.
  • Independent and objective analysis and advices on companies, markets and strategic solutions.
  • Unique knowledge treasure in energy, environment, utilities and infrastructures.
  • Wide network among industries, finance and institutions, both on a national and international level.


Althesys professionals own a great amount of knowledge and competences, developing innovative projects and surveys in many different areas and segments both in Italy and abroad.

Althesys developed a sound expertise mainly in environment, energy, utilities and infrastructures industries. In these segments its professionals have unique experiences and know-how in Italy.

Competences and projects are related with various areas and levels:


Sector measures design and evaluation, market design studies, evaluation of the impacts of policies and fiscal measures, definition of proposals …

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Markets and strategies

Analysis, evaluation and scenarios on market structures, survey on manufacturing and services segments, business strategies analysis and design …

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Research, socio-economic impacts evaluations of works, projects and investments, cost-benefit analysis of strategic plants …

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Sustainability and value

Design of integrated sustainability strategies, analysis of shared value creation, environmental performances evaluation systems, cost-benefit analysis …

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Energy, environment, utilities, infrastructures and food&beverage are some of the key industries for the economic growth and the social development of Italy. On these sectors Althesys focuses its expertises and activities.

In these industries, our professionals own great competences thanks to their unique experience and know-how, unique in Italy, in different fields and various innovative projects.


RES (photovoltaic, wind, hydropower, biomasses, biogas and biomethane) thermoelectric power generation (gas and coal), transmission and distribution …

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Waste management

Urban and special waste collection and treatment, separate collection systems, waste treatment plants, selection and disposal, compliance schemes …

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Aqueduct networks and infrastructures, sewer networks, treatment and purification plants, tariffs systems, water management processes …

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Chemistry, plastic materials, paper, food&beverage, HoReCa, telecommunications, consumer goods …

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