Performance evaluation

Evaluation model

Top Utility carries on an independent and reliable analysis of overall performances (economical, environmental, social) of utilities, thanks to the work of a team of experts.

The think tank examines different sized companies that operate in various business areas. The evaluation is based on a multidimensional assessment system, that takes into account not only quantitative indicators, but also qualitative ones. Thanks to these parameters Top Utility can find out best in class companies according to neutrality and transparency criteria.

This scientific approach leads not only to reliability, but also continuity and visibility that goes over the awards event itself.

Scientificity and objectivity, but also clarity and simplicity, are the key features on which the entire system is based.

Evaluation areas

The main evaluation areas are:

  • Financial results
  • Operative performances
  • Sustainability and diversity
  • Consumers and communities
  • Communication
  • Research and innovation

Neutral and scientific evaluation is based on a specific analysis model ad hoc developed.

The ranking system gathers different approaches and methodologies, like the rating one, the benchmarking one and the balanced scorecard.

A tailor made set of indicators allows to identify and evaluate key elements in different business areas (financial results, operative performances and service quality, environmental and social sustainability). These elements are included in an integrated evaluation system through a single algorithm.

The survey considers companies in the energy and environmental industries and is based on open source information. The evaluation is carried out through standard analysis grids that may be integrated through a direct data request to companies.

Eventual evaluation is carried out both in specific corporate areas and for the company as a whole.

The output of the model consists of evaluation boards of each company (that are not published) and of the final overall ranking that will be published according to the agreement with strategic partners.

The analysis scheme

Performance analysis of the companies done by Top Utility is a complex process, articulated in several phases.

This scheme exemplifies the model, that starts from the information data collection of the different business areas and goes on with their evaluation through a specific analysis grid based on various parameters and benchmarks. Through this grid, different scores are attributed to the various performances in each business area, defining a company ranking. This ranking allows to find out the best performers that win the prizes, the absolute one and those of each area.

The survey

The aim of the survey “Italian utilities performance” is to evaluate the performance of the major utilities operating in Italy, both public and private. In this analysis financial, environmental and social sustainability are taken into account, in order to evaluate utilities performances. This sheet briefly shows the survey results, highlighting the industry trend.

In this phase of economic transition, public utility industry is facing an evolution and the comparison between the survey results of this edition with the last one not only shows the actual public utility industry situation, but also leads to a dynamic evaluation of the changes happened over the time.

Public local services have a key role in the economic growth, in the territorial development and community welfare. To better understand the relevance of this industry, it is useful to consider that in 2018 the top 100 companies analyzed in the survey generated €114 billion, that correspond to the 6,5% of the GDP. The efficiency of the industry is therefore a key element to reach a sustainable development of the industry, especially in negative economic cycle.

Survey’s scope is to raise up the knowledge, underlining utilities strengths and weaknesses, in order to define possible growth and upgrade strategies.

The report analyzes in detail the results of the top 100 companies by revenues through a set of quantitative and qualitative parameters that, considering each different business area, shows a complete picture of the industry. The research is especially focused on different areas:

  • Economic and financial area.
  • Operations and technological innovation.
  • Economic, social and environmental sustainability.
  • Customer and stakeholders’ relations.
  • Communication.

It is possible to download the 8th Top Utility edition evaluation synthesis