Advisory to utilities

Top Utility provides a unique support to companies thanks to its great knowledge and its huge amount of data acquired during years of analysis, helping them to improve their performance and to create shareholder and stakeholder value.

Top Utility experts team can provide counseling through different services:

  • Company positioning analysis in comparison to industry benchmark, both of a specific business area (operations, sustainability, media and communication, marketing, economics etc.), and for the company as a whole.Top Utility knowledge and data are a unique reference in Italy to define company positioning in the competitive scenario of utility industry different areas: electricity, gas, water and waste management.
  • Performance analysis and improvement. Top Utility evaluates company results through different parameters and indicators combined thanks to its database. Top Utility, through the analysis of results, can design strategies to improve companies’ performance.
  • Strategic advisory. Top Utility supports companies in defining their corporate and business strategies thanks to its knowledge and expertise, helping them to design development and growth projects and business plans.