Mission and goals

Monitoring Italian and international electric and renewables industries, understanding trends, corporate strategies and key development topics and policies’ effects.

Irex Monitor mission is to analyse, with a scientific and independent approach, the Italian and international electric and renewables sectors, through an integrated model that considers industrial, technological and financial profiles.

In particular the main goals of our think tank are:

  • Providing an independent and reliable analysis on power, renewables and smart energy strategic trends, making available to partners one of the biggest databases on the sector in Italy 
  • Giving interpretation of the current situation and of future scenarios, evaluating together industrial and financial profiles with energy and environmental policy topics, in order to better understand their perspectives and to evaluate corporate strategies and system policies
  • Suggest strategies for renewables and efficiency growth in an integrated vision of environmental sustainability, energy supply security and financial feasibility
  • Being a reference point also for a reliable scientific debate for major companies’ top management, financial community, institutions and policy makers.
  • Giving information, data, support and advisory for the analysis and design of projects in different electric sector both at a national and international level