Annual Report

Irex Annual Report, an exclusive knowledge tool on renewable industry and finance.

Knowledge creation and spreading are key elements in a fast-changing industry like that of power and renewable energy, both in Italy and at an international level.

Our annual report on industry trends and strategies gives the wider and more detailed picture available today in Italy on the sector, providing investment analysis, European situation, renewables’ economics and the evolution of the Italian electric system.

Irex Annual Report first developed an articulate analysis of renewables’ effects on the industrial structure of the Italian power industry and on the electric system adequacy. Thanks to its unique contribution, the Report is now a fundamental reference in the political and social debate about the equilibrium between business convenience and system policies.

The report, exclusively reserved to the Partners of our think tank, provides a wide information and database, unique in Italy, covering key and actual topics for the sector and the players in different years. In its various editions the report focused on different topics:

  • Mapping Italian “utility scale” investments, directed both on internal and external growth
  • Strategies analysis of the major players and of the sector evolution in Italy and Europe
  • Renewables’ economics, a European comparison
  • Energy policies’ new focuses: efficiency, digitalisation, sustainable mobility, smart energy, etc.
  • Italian power industries value chain trends
  • Electric system adequacy, thermoelectric role and capacity market
  • Decarbonisation strategies and its effects on the Italian economic system

The report provided to think tank’s Partners is completed by the database with the sheets of the major internal growth operations (investments in new plants) and of M&A operations.

Results executive summary is published during the annual meeting and is available for all the sector’s stakeholders.