The global renewable energy industry: companies' strategies and market trends

Althesys presents its new international report:
The strategies of the 50 leading companies in the global renewable energy industry”
The survey analyzes the international scenario and the top player strategies and deals.
The renewable sector growth is reshaping the energy and the utilities industry worldwide and more and more the national markets and the companies’ performance will depend on the global trends.
The competition is becoming increasingly fierce and international, then the top players are developing on a global scale. So, the aim of this report is to understand the market trends through the analysis of:
  • The international competitive framework
  • The main trends and the strategies of the top global players
  • The value chain integration
  • Risk sharing and globalization strategies
  • The 2011 main deals
  • The companies’ profiles
The report has been presented in high standing conferences in Rome and Brussels, organized in cooperation with ANSA, involving some European associations, institutions and key players in Europe.