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(Italiano) Green employment

The development of renewable energy has important consequences on economy.
The development of renewable energy has important consequences on economy: it lessens pollution, grants an increased energy independence and creates wealth. Job creation is also an important consequence and one of the most appealing.

With its new methodology, Althesys collected and organised all the data with regards to the job creation potential of the renewable industry. The latter is worth € 2 billion in wages per year in Italy. If the production costs will drop faster than what the forecasts say, or the oil price will soar, the green employment value will rise steeply.

Althesys set up a new analysis methodology that unifies and integrates the previous studies on the employment in the industry. In the report it is assessed that that the Italian industry, after the “Quarto Conto Energia”, is going to reach 110,000 employees in 2020, allocating  approximately € 2.6 billion wages value per year.

Green employment has been a broadly debated topic in the last two years. “This is the reason why we set the goal of unveiling the trends in the sector- said Alessandro Marangoni, CEO of Althesys and Head of Research team – Indeed the studies that refer to this topic are many, but the results (estimations and projections) are very unsettled.”

To accomplish this task Althesys created a brand-new analysis model. After having sketched a curtailed definition of  “green job”, Althesys took into account all the jobs along the supply chain, i.e. manufacturing, assembling, installation, operation and maintenance.

Despite the multiplicity of information on the topic, what is clear is that renewables industry is quickly expanding and that the employment potential is high. In the last two years, says Althesys, the green sector is one of the few in Italy that kept growing: while the industrial turnover increased of 14% in the period (Istat), the RES sector doubled his sales, reaching € 13 billion, which represents 1.07% of the GDP.

Green collars by industry

In 2020 the relative majority of green collars and eco-workers will work in the photovoltaic industry: exactly 41,612 (44,000 in a more optimistic scenario). Wind power follows with 28,259 employees. At the same time, biomass sector will employ 26,414 workers. Mini-hydro and geothermic are forecasted to be the smallest with respectively 5,411 and 802 employees.

RES Industry as a whole produces 102,499 job posts (111,125 in a more optimistic scenario).

The model and its variables

The study “Green employment and renewable development” is part of Irex Monitor, the think tank on the clean energy promoted by Althesys. The forecast for 2020 has been elaborated considering the official development pattern, set by the Government in order to comply with the EU targets: Italy must hit a ratio of 17% between RES production and final consumption of energy before 2020. The results of the survey considered further variables. For instance, the Conto Energia (an incentive mechanism), the trend and the costs of traditional energy sources compared with the renewable ones and the research and development.