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Mission and Goals

Analysing agroenergy supply chain, assessing its contribution to the National energy policy and to the development of the agricultural sector

The Agroenergy Observatory has the aim of analysing, with a scientific and impartial approach, the different sectors of agroenergy, delivering sound and holistic research, capable of bringing together the industrial and the agricultural point of views.

The goal is to analyse the Italian agroenergy sector, outlining its industrial features and pinpointing its most important dynamics and business models. The industrial study and the management analysis are paired with an impact assessment of the agroenergy sector.

The Observatory is meant to be a valuable instrument, for all the stakeholders, that produces and disseminates knowledge on a sector which is still too far from the limelight. Furthermore, it creates a permanent round table for the agricultural community, the industrial sector and the public bodies.

The ultimate aim is to put forward strategies and policies capable of spurring a viable growth in the agroenergy sector. This development must be based on the synergies between the different sectors involved, keeping an eye on its environmental and economic sustainability.