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2012 Report

The 2012 report of Agroenergy Observatory “Energy and agricultural byproducts” has the mission to analyse the Italian sector of  agricultural by-products as an energy source.
It tracks the main commodities’ features and the energy outputs, identifying the key factors for growth and estimating the potential for the future. The strategic analysis is done both at corporate level and at system one.  The report suggests some thinking about possible policies to promote the growth of this segment of agroenergy.

The study deals with several issues:

  • the legal framework defining the agricultural by-products;
  • the analysis of the Italian market offer, the mapping some segments;
  • the future scenarios through the estimation of the exploitable energy potential of agricultural wastes and by-products;
  • the strategic analysis, both at the system as a whole and at company level;
  • some policy proposals to boost the development of the sector.

The study has been done in cooperation with Confagricoltura, Energetica and thanks to Agrisviluppo and Terrae.

The summary of findings has been published on the Annual Conference.