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2011 Report

The report with the figures and the trends of the Italian agroenergy

The annual report of the Observatory for Agroenergy provides with a framework study of the Italian supply chains, reviewing their development paths and determining their contribution to the Italian economy.

The 2011 report, “The agroenergy sector in Italy. Policy and Regulation. Agriculture and Industry. Costs and Benefits”, provides with  information and insights on the industry in Italy and it is divided in 4 areas:

–       The policies, at a EU and a National level, for renewables energy and in particular agroenergy;

–       The analysis of the different sectors of agroenergy:

  • Solid Biomass
  • Biogas
  • Bioliquids;

–       The analysis of the business strategies and the competitive trends in the sector;

–       The cost-benefit analysis for the sector, aimed to evaluate the net benefits generated by agroenergy for the Italian community as a whole.


The study has been issued in cooperation with Confagricoltura, Energetica and thanks to Same Deutz-Fahr and Agriventure. The report has been published on the occasion of the Annual Conference.