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Agroenergy Observatory

Energy and agriculture. The first Italian Observatory

The partnership with Energetica and Confagricoltura gave birth to the first tool for monitoring the impact of the agriculture-related renewable energy on the Italian economy.

The Observatory carries on market analyses of agroenergy (Solid Biomass, Biogas, Bioliquids), from both an industrial and an agricultural perspective.

Agroenergy is experiencing a quick development in an opposing trend to most of the sectors of the Italian economy. Within renewables, the agriculture-fuelled are expected to be the fastest-growing ones. In 2020, according to the PAN, the National Energy Plan for renewables, agroenergy will double its contribution to the Italian energy mix.

The Observatory’s work embodies both the industrial and the agricultural perspectives, aiming at an assessment of the overall sustainability, economic and environmental, of agroenergy.

An essential benefit of agroenergy is the integration of a traditional sector, like agriculture, and the energy sector that features cutting-edge innovation. The European CAP, Common Agricultural Policy, supports the role of environmentally friendly agroenergy, i.e. of those sources which do not compete with food and feed production, through the exploitation of marginal land or agricultural by-products. The latter represent wastes that should have been disposed anyway.