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MP2 Superindex

MP2 Superindex, to follow the “secondary commodities” trends

MP2 publishes MP2 SuperIndex, a synthetic indicator that tracks the packaging-derived secondary raw materials market performances.
The index is calculated on Milan Chamber of Commerce prices, integrated with specific recyccling Consortia information. Each material values are weighted on the Conai’s collection volumes and then they are integrated through an algorithm, in order to create a synthetic value. The index calculation has started from January 2008 and is periodically updated.
The availability of a quick and unique indicator gives to all the recycling industry stakeholders the opportunity to evaluate the economic situation of materials, comparing it with the raw material one.
The analysis of MP2 SuperIndex trend highlights that secondary raw materials aren’t more volatile than virgin ones, although every material’s market, for its specific features, could show more or less variability in comparison with the synthetic value.
In the first months of 2011 the MP2 index showed a strong growing phase, followed by a decrease. So, the MP2 SuperIndex,  has shown a trend similar enough to the IMF commodities index.
The fall, however, was less marked than that shown by the index IMF on raw materials.
In 2012 the decline went on, the average prices of recovered materials declined for almost all types compared to 2011. In particular, the largest fall occurred for mixed paper and paperboard (-21.5%).
The index MP2 has followed the trend of IMF index only at the beginning of 2012; then it departed from it. In the second and in the last quarter, the index MP2 suffered a minor decrease compared to IMF commodity. Only in the third quarter Mp2 declined more than the IMF commodity.