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Recycling industry in the challenge of commodities globalized markets

Over the last years, the world economy growth has focused the attention of the financial community on raw materials markets.  Until a few months ago world economy has been characterized by sharp growth of emerging countries, lack of resources, speculation and hikes.

The crisis then caused a big drop of demand and a consequent stocks falling, getting off to a growing volatility period.

In this scenario, secondary raw materials acquired more share in many industries like, for instance, metals, paper or glass. The recovering cycle, in Italy, is showing more and more industrial features and the rising volumes of collected materials, through separate collection systems, are making available more secondary raw materials. This market is now globalized and it is more and more similar to commodities’ ones.

So, a certain, scientific basis is necessary to analyze it.

Althesys and Conai decided to satisfy this need creating the MP2 Observatory, conceived as a place of analysis and thinking on raw materials recovered from packaging waste. These markets have peculiar features, other from commodities, and there are further differences among various sectors.

The Observatory, through its activities, provide an overall vision, without leaving out specific sectors’ features and analyzing both economic contingent situation and structural trends.