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To be a partner, a privileged access to a treasure
of information and relationships

Joining Irex Monitor means being a part of an high profile, influential and independent think tank, enjoying the benefits reserved to just to few high standing players:

  • to have the results of the Report and an exclusive access to data and information, useful to know the business trends, to design strategies, to support development in this business;
  • to contribute to put forward proposals to decision makers about renewable industry;
  • to benefit from an opportunity of meeting and debating among the players of the “renewable community”, also in order to coordinate proposals and actions for RES development;
  • to profit by the high visibility of Irex Monitor, to expand the net of business contacts in the renewable industry and to develop the communication.

Partners participate in orienting the issues of analysis and to make suggestions to policy makers, access to a unique database, receive the results of researches and appear in the communication.

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