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Irex International Report

Irex internatonal Report, strategies, performance and trends
of the renewable energy industry worldwide
through the analysis of the global major players

The renewable energy industry has been growing very fast in the last years and it is now changing quickly. This is even reshaping the energy industry as a whole and it drives companies and policy makers to re-think its strategies.

One of the key trends is globalization. So, companies of all sizes are involved in a quick internationalization process; utilities as well as technology providers are consequently expanding their business outside Europe. Competition is increasing and the market consolidation is accelerating worldwide.

The Irex International Report is aimed to analyze, and even predict, the evolution of the industry at a global level in order to provide the companies and the policy makers with information as well as with a key to understand the future trends.

The report “The strategies of the 50 leading companies in the global renewable energy industry” provides an overview of the corporate strategies and the evolution of the entire sector by observing the deals and the performance of the top 50 players in 2011 and the first half of 2012.

The companies selected were both technology providers making components and equipment and pure renewable or utilities. The Top 50 were chosen based mainly on the size of each companies’ RES business and the percentage of revenue generated outside the home market. Indeed, the report aims to understand how leading players are performing in a global competitive arena.

The research deals with many topics:

  • The international competitive framework
  • The main trends and strategies
  • The 2011 major deals and investments of the top global players
  • The analysis of financial and stock market performance of the companies
  • The key strategic trends in the renewable industry worldwide
  • Restructuring and consolidation process
  • The value chain integration
  • Risk sharing and globalization strategies.

The report includes the companies’ card; a summary of the main investments, operations and M&A activities, providing a quick image of every player followed by the outline of its business profile.

The whole report is reserved for the members of our think tank, while the summary was released on the occasion of our International Conference, that took place in Rome and Brussels and is available for all the sector’s stakeholders.