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Annual Report

Irex Annual Report, an exclusive knowledge tool
on renewable industry and finance

The creation and diffusion of knowledge, in Italy and internationally, is a key element for a young and dynamic industry such as the renewable energy one.

Our annual report about trends and strategies of the renewable energy industry gives the most detailed picture of the sector currently available in Italy, analysing investments and estimating the contribution of RES to the Italian economy.

Irex Annual Report has been the first to elaborate an articulate cost-benefits analysis. This is an important scientific benchmark for the political debate about the trade-off between companies’ economics and public expense.

The Report, reserved to the Partners of our think tank, offers resources of information and data without equal in Italy and it includes key current issues for the players and the sector. The Report various editions cover several issues:

  • mapping of the Italian “utility scale” investments, both in new plants and M&A;
  • analysis of the major players’ strategies and market evolution;
  • financing renewable energy investments;
  • the state of the art and the perspectives of the Italian value chain in the different segments: photovoltaics, solar thermal power, thermal, wind, biomass, geothermal, etc..;
  • economics of renewable, an European cross-study;
  • cost-benefits analysis of the renewable energy;
  • the new focus of energy policies, the energy efficiency;
  • the impacts of the renewable energies on the Italian power system.

The Report provided to Partners is integrated with the database and the descriptions of the main investments (both plants and M&A).

The executive summary is published in occasion of the Annual Conference and it is available for all the stakeholders.