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Knowledge creation

Knowledge creation: a unique asset in key sectors
as environment, energy and utilities

Over the years Althesys’ researchers have developed knowledge and methodologies which are unique in the economic research thanks to their academic experience and to the studies done for major companies and institutions.

Over more than twenty-five years of experience in industrial and financial analysis, our consultants have realised studies in many sectors and stored a wide know-how and a solid data and information base.

The specialisation in sectors such as environment, energy, public utilities and infrastructures, makes Althesys a unique benchmark for such industries in Italy.

A wide network of relationships, both in the scientific community and in the business one, allows focused and deep analysis, able to be a fundamental basis for business and policy maker.

Althesys carries out studies and researches nationally and internationally, both through its own observatories committed to specific issues and markets, and on behalf of important companies and institutions.