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Privacy disclaimer

In this page are described the website management practices, with referral to personal data handling of the users. It is a disclaimer aimed to users of Altheys’ web services, available on-line at the homepage address , under the clause 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003. The disclaimer refers only to Althesys’ website and not for other website linked to the aforementioned Althesys website.

The disclaimer arise from the Recommendation 2/2001 adopted by the European Authorities for personal data protection. The Authorities for personal data protection, gathered in the Group established  under the clause 29 of Directive 95/46/EC, have adopted the aforementioned Recommendation in order to set some minimum standards for on-line data gathering and, in particular, the mode, times and nature of the information that owners of the website have to provide to users, regardless of the purpose of the visit.

The owner of the website is Althesys S.r.l. headquartered in Milan, Via Plinio, 1 20129.

Data treatment

The treatment linked to the web services of this site is carried on by the appointed personnel. No data deriving from the web service will be published or communicated.

Treated data

Data is voluntarily provided by the user. The  facultative, esplicit and voluntary email sending to the addressses indicated in the website implies the acquiring of the email address of the sender, necessary for replying to the queries, and of the other data reported in the email.

The data assignation has a voluntary nature. Althesys has the right to cancel or destroy at its discretion.

Personal data gathered will not be released or shared with third parties, if not in the cases allowed by the law.


No Cookies, for any purpose, are stored.

Treatment mode

Personal data are handled by computerised instruments just for minimum time needed to carry on the process for which they are needed. Specific safety measures are taken in order to prevent data losses, illegal or inappropriate use and unauthorised access.

Rights of the stakeholders

The subjects to whom stored data refer have the right, at any time, of obtaining the confirmation of the existence of the data and of knowing their origin and nature, verify their exactness, demand their integration, update and correction  (Clause 7  Legislative Decree 196/2003). Under the aforementioned article, one have the right to ask for the elimination of her data, its anonymity, or for stop of illegal data treatments and of opposing, for reasonable motives, to their treatment.
The queries should be addressed to the responsible for the compliance. Email:
This file constitutes the Privacy Policy of this website and it might  be updated in the future.

Browsing data

The system and software needed for the functioning of this website might acquire some personal data, whose transmission is implicit in the use of the Internet, TCP/IP based.
These are not data gathered in order to be assigned to a specific user, nevertheless for their very nature they might, through an elaboration process with data owned by third parties, allow the identification of the users.
in this data category are included the IP Addresses or the domains of the computers of the user connected to the website, the URI addresses  (Uniform Resource Identifier) of internal requests, the time of the query, the used method for the query, the dimension of the file received as a reply, the numeric code referred to the status of the reply of the server (success, error, etc…)  and other parameters related to the OS and to the IT environment of the user. These data are used only for statistical purposes and for the checking of the well-functioning.

We highlight that the aforementioned data could be used in order in case of connection with IT crimes against Althesys website and therefore given to the police. Except this case, the data are promptly erased from the website.