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Strategic infrastructures


  • Power generation plants: gas, coal, biomass, wind power, photovoltaic
  • Transmission grids
  • LNG terminal
  • The local networks in the gas distribution
  • Analysis and evaluation of electric transmission operators
  • Cost-benefits analysis for plants and networks
  • No action cost analysis


  • Incinerator plants
  • Compost plants
  • Treatment and recycling plants
  • Cost-benefits analysis for projects and plants
  • Cost-benefits analysis for public policies
  • No action cost analysis


  • Water networks and technological solutions
  • Cost-benefits analysis for networks and plants
  • Evaluation of investments
  • Costs of No Action
  • The local networks in water distribution


  • The motorway systems
  • High Speed Railways
  • Cost-benefits analysis for projects
  • Costs of No Action
  • The Italian high speed railways
  • The logistic cargo airport systems