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  • Energy policies in Italy
  • The strategies of the European utilities and the Italian energy policy
  • The Italian electric market
  • The choices for the development of renewable energies
  • The incentives systems of renewable energies
  • Energy saving and renewables
  • White certificates
  • Micro power generation
  • The mix of energy resources
  • The legislative reforms of the public utilities
  • Utilities’ governance
  • Technological progress
  • The cost-benefit analysis for the sector of the renewables energies


  • The legislative reforms
  • The waste management policies in Italy
  • The Waste-To-Energy sector
  • The public financing of waste management and the tariff system
  • Compliance schemes  in Italy and in Europe
  • R&D policies
  • The industry of waste management and the strategies for recycling


  • The regulatory framework and the legislative reforms
  • The governance of the Italian water industry
  • The impact of the technological progress
  • The Italian industry and the strategies of the companies
  • Water saving policies
  • Water  services in the developed countries: structure and operations
  • Water management in agriculture


  • The legislative reforms and the evolution of the industry
  • Governance models in the public utilities
  • The role of technological progress
  • International policies for biofuels