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We develop innovative projects and we offer original solutions and approaches

Among the various projects undertaken by our professionals:

  • Analysis and development of renewable energy projects
  • Advisory for mergers & acquisitions and joint ventures in the energy sector
  • Cost-benefit analysis of plants in the energy sector
  • Analysis and studies on food & agriculture sector
  • Evaluations of materials and technologies in water and gas distribution networks
  • Report on recovered materials industry
  • Commodities markets monitoring
  • Creation of reporting systems and evaluation of economical and environmental results for a major Italian energy group
  • Strategies and evaluation of separate waste collection systems and recycling
  • Development projects in the real estate sector
  • Recycling policies’ cost-benefit analysis
  • International benchmarking of environmental strategies in the multiutility sector
  • Raw materials global markets and recovered marterials analysis
  • Strategies in the Italian and the international water sectors
  • Agricultural sector evolution and entrepreneurship evaluation
  • Advisory on a large group acquisition in the environmental sector
  • Advisory on the acquisition of an engineering company, leader in the sector of public works
  • Benchmarking in the sector of environmental services
  • Aggregation strategies for local utility companies
  • Analysis of water management in agricultural
  • Advisory on environmental policies in the plastics industry
  • Creation of a monitor for secondary commodities
  • Development plans for companies and groups in the packaging sector
  • Cost’s evaluation of waste management and separate collection systems
  • Evaluation of a major soft drinks group’s shared value
  • Industrial plans for local utilities
  • Market analysis in gas distribution
  • Joint venture advisory in the WTE sector
  • Strategic plan for a real estate group
  • Analysis of environment and energy projects in the agricultural sector
  • Cost-benefits analysis for motorways and railways infrastructure
  • Assessment of economical and employment effects of EU recycling policies
  • Advisory to a large Italian group for the value enhancement of their real estate assets
  • Evaluations of utility companies
  • Evaluation of Beverage Industry’s sustainability strategies in EU