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Strategic advisory for a high quality counselling,
tailored on the needs of every clients

Althesys assists companies, public bodies and associations in the design and in the implementation of their strategies in order to create value by matching the challenges issued by the markets and the needs of the stakeholders.

Our consultants in more than twenty-five years of experience have developed innovative solutions and projects in many industries, capitalising a sound knowledge, above all in environmental, energy, public utilities and infrastructures sectors.

The operating business experience of Althesys professionals as well as the methodological soundness, peculiar of their academic background, carry out a pragmatic approach and assure flexibility, competences and top results.

Why Althesys?

  • for its skill to pragmatically assist companies, finding the most suitable solutions, designing scenarios and formulating effective proposals;
  • for its wide expertise in strategic advisory: business analysis, planning, competitive positioning, company evaluation, improving performance plans;
  • for its independent analysis and advice on projects, markets and strategic options;
  • for its unique knowledge in key sectors as environment, energy and utilities;
  • for its competences in designing business plans and in doing economic and financial analysis;
  • for its wide network of relationships with public, industrial, financial sectors, nationally and internationally.