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Alessandro Marangoni is the author of various studies and publications about finance and management.

He has published a number of contributions about the economy and strategy of the environmental and utilities sectors.

Among others, it is worth mentioning:

“The Italian utilities, between local rooting and innovation”
GAS Agenda, December 2018

“The stock exchange falls, but the IREX index limits the losses (-4,8%)”
E-gazette, December 2018

“The stock exchange falls, but the IREX index takes off”
Staffetta quotidiana, December 2018

“Italian photovoltaic toward 2030 between renovation and new investments”
QualEnergia, 2018.

“We need a strategic vision for the waste sector”
Formiche, 2018

“Relaunching the Italian photovoltaic sector to reach 2030 goals”
Rienergia  ,November 2018.

“Where are Italian utilities headed to?”
Gas agenda, Deicember 31th 2017 

“IREX, energy markets  sink stock  -4%”
E-gazette, December 13th 2017

“Stock market goes on thank to economic recovery, stable  IREX 
E-gazette ,September 13th 2017

“Energy change”
Protecta, 2017

“The energy revolution”
in Future energy, future green, Mondadori 2017

“Water more and more strategic. The role of public utility in Italy”
in Future energy, future green, Mondadori 2017

“The listed renewables companies. The finanacial markets are weak. Irex index – 4%”
E-gazette, July 12th 2017

“Eurozone recovery drives up financial markets in April: Irex + 1%”
E-gazette, May 10th 2017

“Top utility 2017, the challenge among companies is on innovation”
Servizi e rete, March – April 2017

“Financial markets find confidence again in March: Irex shines”
E-gazette, April 12th 2017

“The waste management in Italy”
Recover magazine, March 31th 2017

“The stock market is suffering , IREX stands in January”
E-gazette, February 15th 2017

“Stock market recovering pushes renewables: Irex +12% in December”
Staffetta quotidiana, January 13th 2017

“Energy changes”
Protecta, December 2016

“Irex, italian renewables suffer on financial markets”
E-gazette, December 5th 2016

“Irex, markets’ uncertainty penalizes renewables”
E-gazette, October 10th 2016

“Summer 2016, financial markets find confidence again: IREX +8%”
E-gazette, September 12th 2016

“Renewables’ participation to grid’ services: feasibility and potential”
Servizi di rete, June 30th 2016

“Here’s how it will completely change the energy industry”
L’Unità, April 23th 2016

“European stock exchanges fell down. IREX loses 6 %”
Industria Energia, March 10th 2016

” Gas between innovation and few competititon”
Il Sole 24 Ore,December 3rd 2015

“Who wants to turn off the green light”
L’Espesso, September 3rd 2015

 “The electron at the crossroads”
Quale energia, July 31th 2015

“Renewables change the business model”
Il Sole 24 Ore, May 28th 2015

 “Where are the Italian public utilities going?”
Servizi a rete, March 2015

” The 100 Top’s health”
Formiche, March 2015

 “The financial performance of the utilities
Formiche, February 8th 2015

“The top 100 Italian companies of energy, water, gas and waste”
Formiche, February 7th 2015

“An industry to be valued”
Italia Oggi, December 22th 2014

“Oil fall and retroactive cuts to renewables grants penalize renewables, Irex: -10%”
Staffetta quotidiana, December 5th 2014

“Grants cut and imbalances burn out 25% on the stock exchange”
Industria energia, November 7th 2014

“Grants cuts and imbalances burn out 25% on the stock exchange”
Staffetta quotidiana, November 7th 2014

“Uncertainty and reductions penalize renewables, Irex: -8%”
Staffetta quotidiana, October 10th 2014

“Waste recycling: driver of growth for Southern Italy”
La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, September 16th 2014

“Uncertainty and reductions penalize renewables, Irex: -8%”
E-gazette, September 13th 2014

“Incentives cut pushes the market down: Irex -14%”
Staffetta quotidiana, September 12th 2014

“The cut-bills action worries markets: Irex -9%”
Staffetta Quotidiana, July 11th 2014

“The high cost of energy and extemporaneous interventions of politics. We need a real strategy”
Quale energia, June 30th 2014

“Regulatory risk does not stop the rush of renewables to the Stock Exchange”
Industria Energia, June 16th 2014

“Packaging recycling brings benefit up to almost 10 bln euros”
Il Sole 24 Ore, June 3rd 2014

“What strategies and trends in renewable energy?”
Ingegneri, April 30th 2014

“Where is the global renewable energy industry going ?”
Quale Energia, April 23th 2014

“Where is the Italian electricity market going ?”
Quotidiano Energia, April 4th 2014

“Good performance in 2013 pushes pure renewables: Irex +12%”
Industria energia, April 3rd 2014

“Storage, the future is changing from R & D and policy choices”
Il Sole 24 Ore, March 4th 2014

“The recycling, a potential still to be exploited”
L’Ambiente, February 3rd 2014

“Finance is investing again in renewables and energy saving”
Industria energia, January 13th 2014

“Packaging recycling avoided 117 landfills”
Il Sole 24 Ore,November 5th 2013

“Stock market recovering and new strategies push Irex”
Industria energia, October 10th 2013

BioEcvoGeo, May 2013

“Renewable’s stock lose ground”
Il Sole 24 Ore, April 30th 2013

“The new government and the challenges of energy”
Qualenergia, March 22th 2013

“Renewables. How difficult it is to draw future scenarios”
Energia spiegata, March 6th 2013

“The management of local water services”
Servizi a rete, October 4th 2012

“Investments, competitiveness and impact of Italian renewables”
L’Ambiente, August 31th 2012

 “Gas and European development policies boost Irex”
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, February 2012.

“Renewables look abroad, waiting for decrees”
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, December 2011.

“Renewables underperform, waiting for an industrial policy”
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, November 2011.

“Biodiesel paradox for Italy”
Il Sole 24 Ore, November 2011.

“Wind power brings benefits to Italy”
Il Sole a 360°, October 2011.

“Water’s management brings benefits to Italy”
Economia dei Servizi, Il Mulino, Agosto 2011.

“Dispose of wastes generating energy”
Largo Consumo, July 2011.

“The water as a key factor for the development and the environment”
Servizi e società, July 2011.

“Listed renewables companies go up”
Il Sole 24 Ore, June 2011.

“Italian renewable industry between competition and regulation”
Il Sole a 360 gradi, May 2011.

“20 billions euros’s oil resource in the Italian fields with agro-energy”
BioEcoGeo, May 2011.

Renewables stocks between bubble and growth
Il Sole 24 Ore, May 2011.

“Renewables between international competition and national policies”
Irex Annual Report 2011, Althesys, Milano, 2010.

“Renewable economy, an alternative for italian growth”
Italiani Europei, September 2010.

“Renewables between markets up-and-down and new energetic policies”
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, June 2010.

“The governance strategies in the Italian local utilities”
Servizi e Società, Confservizi Lombardia, Milan, 2010.

“Renewable energies in Italy: growth driver blocked by a strategy lack”
BioEcoGeo, Milan, July 2010.

“Guidelines for renewable energies: from Regions a new map for new plants”
Edilizia & Territorio, Il Sole 24 Ore, Milan, July 2010.

“Renewable energies, between the National Plan and public finance law”
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, June 2010.

“The renewables between market’s turbulences and good quarterly reports”
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, June 2010.

“Green economy: pragmatism and self-sufficiency”
Energia Spiegata; Milan, 2010.

“Renewable economy, an alternative for Italian growth”
Italiani Europei, Rome, 2010.

“Renewables are waiting between up and down”
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, April 2010.

“Italian renewable industry between corporate profitability and national policies”
Irex Annual Report 2010, Althesys, Milan, 2010.

“Renewables: on late policies delay investments”
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, March 2010.

“Swing of stock market or swing of politics?”
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, February 2010.

“Irex: renewables in the spotlight on the stock exchange between regulation and speculation”
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, February 2010.

“Irex companies between 2010 plans and speculative rumors”
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, January 2010.

“Irex companies look at 2010 with a good growth outlook”
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, December 2009.

“Pure renewables” better than the market””
Staffetta Quotidiana, Rome, October 2009.

“How much the infrastructure’s deficit costs”
L’Impresa, September 2009.

“Nuclear power? A business”
Il Mondo, Milan, March 2009.

“Green economy without money?”
Il Mondo, Milan, May 2009.

“Market prices and corporate ratios, an old issue in a new context? The energy sector and the renewable sources”
Journal of Investor Relations, Maggioli Editore, 2009.

“The costs of no action. A challenge for the country”
Autostrade, June 2008.

“Italian water industry, the everlasting patient?”
Management delle utilities, 2008, Maggioli Editore.

“The benefits of pipelines innovation”
PPXIV, Budapest, 2008.

“Water networks”
Plastic pipes fittings, June 2008.

“Benefits of innovation in utilities networks”
Eidos, Milan, 2008.

“The benefits of pipelines innovation. Nation’s benefits of using plastics for water and gas pipelines”
No Dig Conference, Rome, 2007.

“The Observatory on the costs of no action” (with Gilardoni A.)
Management delle Utilities, Maggioli Editore, 2007.

“Italian and European utility companies, between consolidation and internationalisation”
Servizi e Società, Milan, 2007.

“How much is not investing in infrastructure costing to Italy?”
( with Fontana S.) Management delle Utilities, 2006, Maggioli Editore.

“Consolidation of the European market of utility companies and competitive strategies in Italy”
Management delle utilities, n.2/2006, Maggioli Editore.

“Evolution of strategies in the Italian water sector”
Management delle utilities, 2004, Maggioli Editore.

“The White Certificates: opportunity for the environment and for the industry”
Ambiente & Sicurezza, Il Sole 24 ore, Milan, 2004.

“The Italian water sector. Strategies and business models”
(with Gilardoni A.) Franco Angeli, Milan, 2004.

“The strategies of international players in Italy”
Management delle utilities, 2003, Maggioli Editore.

“Alliances and mergers of development models in utility companies facing the competitive market”
Management delle utilities, 2003, Maggioli Editore.

“Growing importance of providing environmental information to the financial markets”
IRTop, Maggioli, 2002.

“The strategies of the Italian environmental utility companies”
Ambiente&Sicurezza, Il Sole 24 Ore, Milan, 2002.

“The economic information system of waste”
in Rapporto Rifiuti (Waste Report) 2001, Anpa-ONR, Rome, 2001.

“The economic dimension of waste management”
AIDIC, Milan, 2001.

“Svipa, a new system for the integrated management of environmental information”
Ambiente & Sviluppo, IPA, Milan, 2000.

“The development of an environmental information system”
Enel, Camera dei Deputati, Rome, 1999.

“Strategy and environmental management”
in Health, safety & environment. Strategic Direction and Operational Issues, (Aa. Vv.) Egea, Milan, 1998.

“Risks and opportunities for finance and the environment”
in L’impresa Ambiente, Milan, 1996.

“Towards an integrated vision of waste management”
Contacts Franco-Italiens, Chamhre Française de Commerce et Industrie en Italie, Milan, 1995.

“Management of the Environment. The ecological factor in the economy of the industrial companies”
Egea, Milan, 1994.

“Management of the Environment: a new challenge for enterprises”
in Italia Oggi, 1993.

“The environmental sector in Italy: structure and strategic directions”
Space Bocconi, Milan, 1992.

“The management of the environmental factor in the industrial companies”
Space Bocconi, Milan, 1992.

“How to integrate ecology and economy: the combination of an academic approach with an enterpreneural view”
De Baak Management Study Center, Noordwijk. NL, 1991.