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Our values

Independence, rigorous approach, quality, innovation and
result orientation are but a few of Althesys guidelines

Althesys’ professionals follow specific professional guidelines.

The following Ethical Code provides the basis of our behaviour and decision making when assisting clients.

  1. Independence, impartiality of judgement and super partes standing
  2. Scientific and rigorous approach, with clear definition of the adopted criteria
  3. Pragmatic approach, based on strong industry knowledge
  4. Approach geared towards innovation, based on the best practices in each field
  5. Commitment to the highest quality of work, delivering excellent competence to our clients
  6. Team working with clients in through a continuous audit and exchange of information
  7. Rigorous confidentiality regarding the treatment of assignments and sensitive client information
  8. Highest attention to possible conflicts of interest, with pre-emptive declaration or rejection of conflicting assignments
  9. Prohibition of investments in the client’s equity
  10. Rejection of direct roles in client companies, including administrative or managing appointments.